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The Spanish General Council of Chemists and UCAM Sign a Collaboration Agreement

Ricardo Díaz, president of the General Council of Official Associations of Chemists of Spain, and María Dolores García, president of the UCAM, signed the agreement, accompanied by the rector of the University and the vice-rector for Quality and Academic Organisation.
Ricardo Díaz and María Dolores García signed an agreement, witnessed by UCAM's rector and vice-rector of Quality and Academic Planning.

María Dolores García, UCAM President, and Ricardo Díaz Martín, President of the Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Químicos de España (Spanish General Council of Professional Associations of Chemists), have signed a collaboration agreement at the Los Jerónimos Campus to work together on projects involving research, teaching and scientific dissemination.

This is the first agreement to be signed between this national institution and a Spanish university since Ricardo Díaz became president, and will involve studies in the field of sports, in particular in the prevention and control of doping, as well as in creating and innovating in the field of chemical sensors, where UCAM stands out thanks to UCAM SENS, the first research unit in Spain in this field. 

We already have many projects in mind to work with the UCAM, both in sport and in chemical sensors, in which they are very strong,’ said Ricardo Díaz, adding that ‘the Universidad Católica de Murcia was the first university we signed up with due to its agility and its great executive and management capacity’. 

Josefina García, UCAM Rector, and Manuel Carlos Ruiz, Vice-Rector for Quality and Academic Planning, were also present at the signing ceremony, and expressed their satisfaction with this agreement, which ‘enables us to share with society advances in such a key field as chemistry through training, research and scientific dissemination’.