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Social factor and economic savings, keys to the success of BlaBlaCar

UCAM researchers highlight these are the main reasons for the great acceptance of this type of collaborative economy that has changed the way people travel.

Social factor and economic savings, keys to the success of BlaBlaCar
The study has been carried out by researchers from the Faculty of Legal and Business Sciences of the UCAM.

A study carried out by researchers of the Law and Business Faculty of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia determines that “the potential friendships than can be forged when sharing trips is one of the main reasons that drives users of BlaBlaCar to continue using the service”. This is the definition given by the research group composed of doctors from UCAM Rocío Arteaga, Alejandro Ros and Alfonso Rosa, and doctor María Belda from the University of Murcia.

This joint research, which analyses the reasons of the users of the French platform, BlaBlaCar, reveals how far from producing uncertainty or rejection for sharing a vehicle with unknown people, the users of this platform value it as the main argument that drives them to continue using the service. The scientific article ‘Why continue sharing: Determinants of behavior in ridesharing services’, published by the International Journal of Market Research, bases its study on a motivation survey designed by doctor Rocío Arteaga, previously applied to other Facebook studies, among others.

Similarly, regular users of BlaBlaCar, who have undergone this methodology of motivational analysis, have determined that, at the same level as socialisation, the economic factor strengthens the decision to continue with this transport service among individuals.