Sevilla FC underwent physical testing in the High Performance Centre of La Manga Club - UCAM

The Europa League Champion, Sevilla Football Club, went through the facilities of La Manga Club and UCAM’s CIARD to test the physical conditions of its players

21 July 2015
The Center of Investigation and High Performance of La Manga Club – UCAM acted as host and headquarters to Sevilla Football Club today. The current Europa League champion gathered in the resort to carry out a pre-seasonal phase of training and preparation, and wanted to take the opportunity to hold a working session in the installations of La Manga Club and Universidad Católica de Murcia’s CIARD.
On the one hand, the majority of the squad took physical and conditioning tests to assess their reshaping. On the other hand, some of the new players such as Ciro Immobile (who plays for the Italian national team) or Benoit Trémoulinas (French national team football player) have been tested for performance assessments (both strength and endurance) to check the physical conditions in which they are in to join the team.