The scientific journal "Latina" rewards UCAM researcher

José Manuel Noguera, Professor of Journalism at the Catholic University of Murcia, has received an award for being the most cited author in the last five years in the "Latina" scientific journal.

12 January 2015

Journalism professor and director of the UCAM department of Communication Sciences, José Manuel Noguera, was rewarded with the Drago 60 prize, during the VI International Congress of Social Communication, held in Tenerife last month.

This trophy is given to the author of the article with the largest number of citations in the last five years in the  "Latina" scientific journal. Noguera's article, "Social networks as journalistic paradigm: Spanish media on Facebook," was published in 2010.

Noguera gave the closing speech at the event, which included more than 300 researchers from Spain and Latin America.

The professor looked at some of the tensions between media professionals and the public in the new media landscape through his lecture "Social networks and Democracy: Journalism where everyone counts."

A few weeks prior to this, José Manuel Noguera had given the closing speech during the VI International Congress of Ciber-journalism at the University of the Basque Country, held in Bilbao from 18th to 19th November. Noguera stressed some of the most prevalent behaviors amongst the audience regarding their relationship with the media.