Santiago Sanchiz, Student of MBA

22 July 2014

Me llamo Santiago Sanchiz Telemin, vengo de la República Dominicana y estoy estudiando el MBA en la Universidad Católica de Murcia! Going abroad for an academic year is maybe one of the most important decisions that we can make in our student lives. Why? Because this decision can change our lives completely with regards to their perspective. Studying abroad increases one's experience to a level one could not have imagined before. As a foreign student you work and study with people completely unlike you, while being in a different country, so it leaves an imprint that marks a before and after. This is what it felt like coming to study in Murcia; an experience that has made me grow professionally and personally.

Murcia is one of the few cities in Spain that has the perfect balance when it comes to studying and enjoying the Spanish culture that surrounds you. But you also find yourself in the midst of people from all over the world. In the classroom you can find students speaking different languages, having different traditions and cultures that make the classroom environment more dynamic. Not only culturally, among your fellow classmates you can find a variety of professions and people with great experience in the business and professional world. It is the benefit of studying an MBA: the program is open to everyone. From the first moment you arrive, you feel a different atmosphere in the university, students along with teachers talking and drinking coffee. The professors here at UCAM are always available to you whenever you need them. 

The university and its staff assist you in every imaginable task, taking care of your enrollment and accommodation before arriving in Spain. Any questions that may arise, UCAM's staff are always willing to help when needed. Murcia as a city is great! Adaptable to any type of person, neither too cold in winter nor too hot in summer - perfect for people who want to live in pleasant climate conditions. One of the things foreign students worry about is the cost of living: Murcia, however, is fairly inexpensive and has all kinds of desired facilities, transportation means and leisure activities. A great place to have a good time, and people are pretty nice, too. Coming here to study was definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my life as a student!

Santiago Sanchiz, Dominican Republic

Student of MBA