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Regional business leaders learn about the UCAM LifeTech Enterprises project

This project is created in the UCAM HiTech to promote the technology transfer of scientific research from the university to the business world

A snapshot of the business meeting held at the Los Jerónimos Campus
A snapshot of the business meeting held at the Los Jerónimos Campus

The meeting, which was attended by José María Albarracín, president of CROEM, and founders, presidents and CEOs of around thirty companies of international reference in the Region, took place in the Chapter House of the UCAM Murcia Campus this morning. José Luis Mendoza García, Director of Institutional Relations at the University, and Carlos Caballero, Director of UCAM HiTech, presented the initiative, a pioneer in our country which aims to become a benchmark in Europe, designed to promote innovation, impact entrepreneurship and quality employment, as well as benefiting society as a whole.


Two years ago, the Universidad Católica de Murcia launched UCAM HiTech, the number one accelerator for technology transfer in FoodTech and Life Sciences in the health, food and sports verticals. Now, and as an essential part of it, UCAM LifeTech Enterprises is founded. This initiative combines three key elements to ensure that research reaches the market and does not only remain in scientific publications, an endemic problem in Spain, and also in Europe. 1. Support for investment in university spin-offs, promoting the business development of key research projects throughout Spain and Europe. 2. A Venture Studio, as a set of initiatives for the attraction, selection and early support for research projects in their transformation into business initiatives (consisting of mentoring programmes, training and external support for the promotion of the creation of university spin-offs). 3. The involvement of leading corporations, which guide and bring the innovations driven by the two previous initiatives to market.