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At the Regional Assembly, the Student Council of UCAM is calling for the development of this university not to be prevented

This morning, the highest student's representative body of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia delivered a declaration to its president, Alberto Castillo, who highlighted the high quality of this university's training and the added value that the internationalisation of its student body entails. It is a historical fact, since it is the first time that a university student council is welcomed at the regional parliament.

At the Regional Assembly, the Student Council of UCAM is calling for the development of this university not to be prevented
The Student Council represents the thousands of students who are trained at UCAM

In the document submitted to the president of the Regional Assembly, the university representatives state that “we do not find any legal, social or political reason to impede the expansion that is necessary and essential for the students we represent”, so they ask the regional deputies for “justice, equity and foresight for the sake of the Region of Murcia”. Furthermore, during the meeting, they highlighted that “this project would be impossible without the enterprising spirit and the determined character of our president, José Luis Mendoza”.

Throughout the meeting, they explained that UCAM has generated “a strategic economic and employment growth for our Region and the well-being of Murcians”, since its student body includes “distinguished elite Olympic athletes who receive training from it, thus obtaining national and international recognitions for this policy of aid to sport and its values”. For this reason, “we could not understand, as citizens of the Region, that by denying the natural and fair expansion of UCAM we would allow other cities, other regions, to benefit from the existence of a splendid project, that today is a tangible reality, since UCAM would have to continue its unstoppable and undeniable expansion by establishing its headquarters outside the Region”.

During the meeting, the president of the Regional Assembly highlighted the high quality of the university training offered by UCAM and the international growth that it is experiencing, which is reflected in the different origin of the student representatives of Los Jerónimos and Cartagena campuses. At the end, furthermore, he pointed out that it is the first time that a university council visits the Regional Assembly, a meeting “that has been extremely pleasant, both with the students and with the academic authorities that accompanied them”.

Student Day in the Basketball Club

Afterwards, the Student Council, which represents the thousands of students who study at UCAM, and whose spokesperson is Adrián Massoti, held, in Cartagena Campus of UCAM, its second ordinary session during which, among other things, they agreed on further promoting the integration of international students in this body. Franz Xaver Komrad Meiller, from Germany, has been included in this body as representative of the international students of Murcia Campus, in addition to Federico Bassami, who already represented the students from Cartagena. The decision to promote the basketball game UCAM Murcia CB-Movistar Estudiantes of March 15th as UCAM Student Day was also made. Vicente Mendoza, director general of UCAM, Manuel Ruiz, vice-chancellor of Quality and Academic Organisation, Juan Alfonso García, academic director of UCAM Cartagena and José Acuña, director of institutional relations of UCAM Cartagena participated in the session.

Student Council Declaration