Professionals from prominent German multinational companies carry out their PhD at UCAM

Ten students from the UCAM-FOM PhD School arrived at the Campus of Los Jerónimos last Monday

31 July 2015
This Doctoral School, founded in 2011 by the hand of the Catholic University of San Antonio and the Fachhochschle für Oekonomie&Management University (FOM), enables students of this prestigious German institution, specialized in training programs in Marketing, Economics and Business Administration, to obtain a Degree as European Doctor at UCAM in the fields of business, economics and finance.
The ten students, most of them belonging to prestigious German multinationals, will attend scientific seminars on the Campus of Los Jerónimos; the whole formation will be taught in English. It is worth remembering that, at the beginning of this academic year, UCAM received the defense act of the first two PhD theses of students from UCAM-FOM PhD School.
Fachhochschule Oekonomie und Management (FOM) 
FOM is a prestigious German School that currently includes more than 31.000 students spread among thirty academic centers across the country. Moreover, the labor integration of those students is facilitated by flexible schedules and academic programs oriented towards their professional development.