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Pharmacists reclaim their role in nutrition care

The Assembly Hall hosted the Conference on Pharmaceutical Care and Nutrition
The Assembly Hall hosted the Conference on Pharmaceutical Care and Nutrition

The Assembly Hall of the UCAM Murcia Campus has hosted the conference called ‘Pharmaceutical Care and Nutrition. Is a professional pharmaceutical nutrition service possible?’ to address the current situation and new developments in this field. The meeting was inaugurated by Belén López Ayuso, Vice-Rector of Online Education at UCAMPilar Zafrilla, Vice-Dean of the Degree in Pharmacy Stella Moreno, president of the Academia de Farmacia Santa María de España de la Región de Murcia; and Jesús Carlos Gómez, president of the Sociedad Española de Farmacéuticos y Nutricionistas Comunitarios.  

In their speeches, they stressed the importance of placing the pharmacist at the centre of the population's nutritional care and standardising advice in this field, just as it has already been standardised that the pharmacy is the common place to go to for taking blood pressure readings and anthropometric measurements. ‘The pharmacy is the ideal place to monitor the patient from the point of view of health advice. Moreover, those pharmacists who are nutritionists can provide a specific service to establish plans to improve therapeutic efficacy and the patient's condition,’ the SEFYNC president remarked.  

International meeting in Abarán in 2026 

Jesús Carlos Gómez was very happy to return to his former university and took advantage of the event to make an important announcement: ‘UCAM is the first university with which SEFYNC signed a collaboration agreement where I have been trained as a nutritionist. I would like to announce that this is the spearhead of a great Ibero-American event that we are going to hold in 2026, in Abarán. I am delighted that regional pharmacists are supporting this initiative, which will place us as the centre of pharmacy and nutrition in Ibero-America.’