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Pedro Acosta fine-tunes his World Cup preparations at the UCAM CIARD

Rider Pedro Acosta during one of the tests carried out at the UCAM CIARD.
Rider Pedro Acosta during one of the tests carried out at the UCAM CIARD.

The MotoGP rider, Pedro Acosta, has undergone physical and medical tests at the UCAM Research Centre for High Performance Sport (CIARD), which is collaborating with his Red Bull team in his preparation. The rider, born in Mazarrón, is working on his preparation for the next rounds of the grand prix of the World Championship, where he has already obtained excellent results, such as third place in the Portuguese Grand Prix, being the third youngest rider in history to get on the podium.

The CIARD team at the Universidad Católica de Murcia, led by Professor Pedro Emilio Alcaraz, is a long-standing reference centre in research applied to sport. World champions in race walking such as Álvaro Martín and María Pérez, middle-distance runner Mariano García, swimmer Mireia Belmonte, and UFC world champion Ilia Topuria are some of the great athletes who rely on this high-performance centre to fine-tune their form.  

Furthermore, CIARD is working with the Spanish Royal Athletics Federation in the preparation of the mixed race walking relay, a novelty at the next Olympic Games in Paris, where the UCAM, known as 'The University of Sport', has the great challenge of revalidating the excellent results obtained in Rio 16 and Tokyo 20. Several federated athletes have already qualified for this summer's big event.