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The paratroopers carry the University 'Cristo de la Salud' in procession at UCAM

Squad of the BRIPAC Parachute Brigade 'Zaragoza 5' holding the Cristo de la Salud
The military troop Brigada Paracaidista BRIPAC 'Zaragoza 5' holding the Cristo de la Salud

Faith, devotion, and culture were united this morning at the Universidad Católica de Murcia. At 11:30 am, the University Cristo de la Salud (Christ of Health) left the Temple of the Monastery of Los Jerónimos on the shoulders of a squad of the BRIPAC Parachute Brigade 'Zaragoza 5', led by Lieutenant Colonel José Antonio Martínez Ferrari, and accompanied by the Father Francisco Muñoz, to pass through the Campus Cloister in procession. The event was organised by the Vice-Rectorate for University Outreach. 


The sound of the drums and bugles of the military band and the singing of the saetas resounded through the halls of the Monastery of Los Jerónimos during the ceremony presided over by José Alberto Cánovas, Vice-Rector for Religious Affairs, under the watchful eye of the hundreds of members of the academic community who took part in the solemn procession. The emotion could be seen on the faces of the attendees, who recovered this procession after two years of absence, owing to the pandemic.  


The rector Josefina García Lozano, members of the Governing Council of the UCAM, students displaying the stoles of their corresponding degrees, professors, administrative and service staff as well as officers of the Regiment accompanied the statue during the procession. A prayer was held for the members of the armed forces on international peace missions and the Spanish National Anthem was played. As part of the prayers for the fallen soldiers, a floral offering was made to the Virgin Mary, located in the cloister, and the paratrooper’s prayer was chanted.