Pablo Blesa, Vice-Rector of UCAM, Distinguished by NATO

NATO has granted the Serge Lazareff 2018 award to Pablo Blesa, vice-rector of International Relations of UCAM, who has published a great number of books and articles, as well as conducting promoting activities on the security structure in Europe. This distinction, that has also been given to king Felipe VI, is granted because of the contribution to spreading NATO’s values

14 May 2019

Moment of the awarding of Pablo Blesa


NATO has awarded UCAM’s Vice-Rector of International Relations, Pablo Blesa, with the Serge Lazareff 2018 award because of his work as a promoter and communicator if NATO’s values through his six books, dozens of articles and multiple seminaries and congresses. The award was given for the year 2018, but the formal act took place at the beginning of this month at the Allied Forces Headquarters in Mons (Belgium).

Four other people were also awarded with the price, between others, king Felipe VI. “It is an honour for which I am very grateful to NATO’s Legal Assistance of the Operations Command, granted by the worlds most important military alliance, composed by 29 democratic countries, including Spain; the bastion of Europe’s defense from external threat during 70 years “, Pablo Blesa comments.

Furthermore, a delegation of professors and students from Master’s Degree in Military Law imparted at UCAM (the only Master’ in Military Law by a Spanish university), visited NATO’s installations; the Allied Forces headquarters in Europe, and NATO’s head office, which is the political and diplomatic centre of the organisation. “We were received by some Spanish militaries of high ranking in NATO structures, as César Sáenz de Santamaría, general of the Spanish Militar Representation Brigade, and Alfredo Sanz y Calabria, general of the Division and head of NATO’s Adaptation of the Command Structure program, as well as Spanish diplomatics that are permanently representing Spain at NATO’s head office in Brussels”, Blesa explains.

Agreement UCAM-NATO

Together with the visit, the Catholic University of Murcia has signed an agreement with NATO, which is going to be the legal framework of a stable relation. “The agreement UCAM-NATO offers three lines of collaboration: the installation of a “Legal clinic” at UCAM, in which scientists and doctors will investigate in areas related to security and defence; strengthening of investigation instants in both offices; congresses and seminaries”, Blesa concludes.