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An outstanding environment for studying Biotechnology

The Degree Syllabus includes aspects of organisation, production and marketing, economics-finance and law and research.

Students are trained in laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology. UCAM
Students are trained in laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology. UCAM

Through its Faculty of Nutrition and Pharmacy, UCAM offers the following degree courses Degree in Biotechnology. This year it graduates its first class. The success of the degree lies in the fact that it responds to the needs demanded by the sector, which not only requires technical knowledge in the areas of health, food, agriculture, livestock and aquaculture, environment and industry, but also mastery of the different aspects of biotechnology companies: legal, organisational, economic-financial, productive and market aspects, as well as legal aspects that may affect the execution of their profession.

At the end of the Biotechnology studies at UCAM, the student has all the necessary knowledge to research, innovate, develop and improve biotechnological processes, tools and materials. To this end, it has a teaching staff who are experts in the different study fields, who offer a personalised approach by teaching in small groups. In addition, UCAM students have a personal tutor who provides academic and personal support.  

State-of-the-art facilities

The development of practical skills is key in the training of future professionals, for which the Murcian institution provides its students with state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting-edge equipment. These can be found both in its laboratories on the Murcia Campus itself and those of its high-tech incubator in health, sport and food UCAM HiTech. The UCAM HiTech laboratory is located on the Murcia Campus, with Biology, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology and Microbiology laboratories, as well as the new laboratories for Cellular and Tissue Bioengineering and Genetic Engineering. These are complemented by external and extracurricular courses thanks to agreements with a large number of companies and institutions. Students can request the ones that best suit their interests and preferences.

Virtual laboratories

Students of the UCAM Degree in Biotechnology can use the labster application. This APP complements classroom training in the laboratories, allowing teachers and students to interact in a virtual laboratory at any time of the day through their computer, providing the possibility of carrying out experiments that would not be feasible in person because they do not have the necessary equipment to do so.  This involves an instructional design of the practices through the new serious games or applied game teaching-learning methodology, i.e., the student is trained in a virtual environment through a series of challenges that must be overcome..

Pre-enrolment for the 2024-25 academic year is now open

UCAM has opened the pre-enrolment period for the 2024-25 academic year in its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, on its Murcia and Cartagena campuses, as well as online.

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