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Orientation and inclusive sport in Los Jerónimos Campus

UCAM organised the '1st Conference on Inclusive Leisure and Recreation' with a series of activities to promote and facilitate the social and occupational inclusion of people with disabilities

Orientation and inclusive sport in Los Jerónimos Campus
The students have carried out various tests distributed throughout the Campus.

eople who suffer some kind of disability find themselves in the development of their daily life with a great number of obstacles that prevent them from carrying out their lives normally. On the occasion of making visible the difficulties faced by these people, the Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, the Higher Technical Degree in Teaching and Social and Sporting Animation (TEAS) and UCAMPACITAS, organised the ‘1st Conference on Inclusive Leisure and Recreation’, framed in the project ‘European Sport Leadership Programme’, whose purpose is the leadership of students in the management of sporting activities in the university, in order to improve those skills that can increase their employability once they finish their studies.

The conference consisted of an orientation game through various beacons distributed around the Campus, where students had to carry out different tasks. These include the ‘minefield’, in which an area was defined with glasses of water and cones as obstacles and whose goal was to make the students go from one side to the other with a blindfold, guided by the indications of their mates. “With this challenge we wanted to show that a visual disability is not a problem if you have someone by your side”, explained Elena Conde, the coordinator of the conference. Furthermore, another of the tasks they faced was the SlackLine footbridge, a rope suspended in the air, on which students stand to cross it while maintaining their balance, supported by their classmates on both sides.

Antonio Sánchez Pato, dean of the UCAM Faculty of Sports and director of the degree of the Institute, commented that “it is a day to be celebrated at this University, since this activity reflects very well the values of the institution and of our president”. For her part, Sonia Martínez, vice-dean of the Bachelor’s Degrees in Preprimary and Primary Education, explained that “this activity promotes and works on the values and attitudes that favour diversity and social integration”. In addition, the vice-dean added that the aim of this kind of conference is the social and labour integration, so “working through sport on values and attitudes that promote that integration is always good”.

Once the orientation activity was over, the students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Dance carried out an exhibition at the Pergolas Square which marked the end of the day.

‘European Sport Leadership Programme’

This is a European project within the Erasmus+ Programme, included in the ERASMUS+ SPORT call and whose objective is to promote and improve good governance in sport through actions supported by the European Commission.