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Offering of UCAM sport to Our Lady of Fuensanta

Offering of UCAM sport to Our Lady of Fuensanta
Family photo of the UCAM sports group that made the floral offering to the Patron Saint of Murcia.

From top Olympic athletes to youngest athletes of different clubs, representing more than ten disciplines including adapted sport, a wide representation of the sports family of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia met at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fuensanta to make the traditional floral offering to the patron saint of Murcia. All the teams of the University and the ones that are sponsored by it or linked to it participated in the event that is held every year to pray for the sport challenges of the next months. José Luis Mendoza, president of UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia, and José Manuel Lorca Planes, bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena, presided over the event and encouraged the athletes to pursue their objectives by always respecting sports values.  Among the Olympic and top athletes, the canoeists Paco Cubelos and Javier Hernanz, the athletes Miguel Ángel López and Tere Nimes and the professional players of the basketball (Endesa League) and football (Second Division B) teams stood out.


UCAM Piragüismo Murcia

UCAM Tenis de Mesa Cartagena (+ Primisport)   

UCAM Murcia CF   

UCAM Murcia CB 


UCAM Atletismo Llano de Brujas Murcia 

Algaida Fútbol Sala UCAM                                                       

Valverde Team UCAM                                                            

UCAM Judo Ciudad de Murcia                                                              

UCAM Atletismo Cartagena                                                                                        

UCAM Cartagena F.C                                                                           

UCAM Balonmano Murcia                                                                     

UCAM BSR                                                                                           

UCAM Athleo Cieza                                                              

UCAM  Primafrío Jairis Alcantarilla                                                                       

UCAM El Pozo Murcia (Women’s Indoor Football)                                                        

UCAM Club Natación Fuensanta                                                                    

El Pozo Fútbol Sala                                                                                                                    


AD Reino de Murcia

Asociación Deportiva IFA Alcantarilla              

Club Deportivo Bosco Cieza                                                                                                                   

Atlético Sangonera EFB                                     

Beniaján UCAM CF

CD Plus Ultra