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The new web page of UCAM places the student at the centre of the University

Navigating through any device (mobile phone, computer or tablet) in has never offered a better user experience. This advance follows the criteria of the Strategic Plan of Digital Transformation of UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia

The new web page of UCAM places the student at the centre of the University
New visual website

The new web page of UCAM is already available, and among its strengths it stands out the simplification of its contents, which allows a more friendly navigation and the valuing of all the resources and tools that the students have at their disposal during their stay in the university. “Intuitive, organised and concise” are the three adjectives with which, in sum, Samuel Mendoza, Director of ICT and Multimedia, defines it.


The perfect adaptation to the different devices from which it is possible to access the web site was evident in the previous version, but on this occasion “a further step was taken, by improving the user interface to increase the usability and the accessibility, at the same time as new functions are added, such as the step-by-step admission section, which guides the user during the entire process”, highlights Samuel Mendoza. The new search engine by filters, the inclusion of the “Students Portal” (Portal del Alumno) and the reorganisation and improvement of the contents complete the new design.


The new web site arrives at a time in which UCAM is ending the academic year with the online mode in all of its degrees as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus contributing to offering a better service. This crisis will not affect the training of UCAM students, not even in the future, since this university is ready to face all the possible scenarios for the 2020/21 academic year by implementing a bimodal training that includes and adapts all the most advanced face-to-face and online resources to meet the students’ needs. And, in the same spirit, the new web page of UCAM represents another step forward in the improvement of the students’ experience, but also in the experiences of its workers and of all those who visit the web site looking for information.

The renewal process has started with the main web page of the University, but it will be extended to the rest of UCAM pages. The next one to be renewed will be the English web page, since it is the information reference of the international students of our university.