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New Bachelor's Degree in Architecture

The Master's Degree in Architecture, which qualifies students to practise the profession, will be included in the following academic year.

Juan Roldán, title Director, with a group of students
Juan Roldán, title Director, with a group of students

The Escuela Politécnica Superior of the Universidad Católica de has major news this next academic year. The institution is including the Bachelor's Degree in Principles of Architecture, which will replace the current five-year Degree in Architecture after a curriculum revision, in its academic offer. This Degree will be continued with the UCAM Master's Degree in Architecture, which grants the qualifications to exercise the profession of architect, in line with the European Higher Education Area.

Including a Social Architecture Classroom, this Degree is notably focused on the practical aspects of the field, as well as registered in the European Union as a professional qualification.

The new degree will introduce two specialisations with professional competences: Architectural BIM, and Architectural Heritage and Sustainability.

Studies in this area:

- Bachelor's Degree in Principles of Architecture*

Degree in Building Services Engineering (Technical Architect)

- Master's Degree in Architecture

- Master's Degree in Building Pathology and Intervention

* To be approved by CARM.

Pre-enrolment for undergraduates and graduates is now open

UCAM has opened the pre-enrolment period for the 2022/23 academic year for Bachelor's and postgraduate degrees at both the Murcia and Cartagena campuses, as well as online. The institution offers a wide range of degrees, which all meet the requirements of strict internal and external official quality controls. In addition, UCAM educational achievements have been recognised by many international rankings.

The Universidad Católica San Antonio is known for offering quality teaching, tutorial support, education in values in the light of Christian humanism, excellent sports research and support for athletes from the grassroots level. This allows students to complete their learning with a holistic approach, acquiring both professional and personal skills to enter the labour market in the best possible conditions. Furthermore, UCAM's training are enhanced by the University's commitment to digital transformation and the use of innovative technologies and methodologies.

Further information:

Murcia Campus: 968 278 800;

Cartagena Campus: 968 787 900;