A new academic year bursting with news

UCAM resumes its teaching activity with more students than last year and a new campus in Cartagena.

28 October 2014

The Catholic University of Murcia has begun its new academic year with some important news, including the opening of the new Campus of Cartagena and an increasing number of degrees on offer, now including Modern Languages, Communication and Musicology at the “Campus de Los Jeronimos”. 

All of the projects the UCAM undertakes are centred on quality - a core principle to which the UCAM has always been committed, both in terms of investigation and provision of services.

This has allowed the university to guarantee high qualifications to its students, providing them with apt preparation to enter the labour market. Proof of this is the fact that the university has an employment rate of 73.3% among graduates, who obtain their first Jobs within 3 months of completing their degrees. This is partly due to the agreements which the university has in place with schools and professional associations both regionally and nationally, as well as with the world of business, all of which allow the student to acquire a comprehensive practical formation.

The University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as UCAM´s own degrees, and professional specialization courses, aimed to create future professionals and improve the qualifications of those who already hold degrees. The UCAM identifies itself with a teaching doctrine based on personalized teaching and reduced class sizes. It is the first university in Spain to be accredited by the ANECA for five of its undergraduate courses (Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and RR.PP, Nutrition & Diet, Food Science & Technology) and one masters course (Clinical Nutrition). Throughout this academic year the UCAM will be submitting more courses to be accredited by this strict auditory body.

The UCAM has increased its number of students: we now count with more than 4000 new students between our undergraduate, masters and specialist formation courses.

New courses

UCAM enters this academic year with 3 new degrees. Those who wish to prepare themselves for the world of Communications can do so online, which allows the student to complete his/her formation without having to travel to the Campus. This course also sees the start of the degree in Modern Languages – verified by ANECA and awaiting accreditation from the CARM, whose objective is preparing students in two foreign languages (English & German or English & French), and equipping them with knowledge of the cultural, economic and historical situations of the countries where these languages are spoken. Another novelty is UCAM´s degree in Musicology.


Investigation forms part of the tripod on which UCAM bases itself, alongside teaching and evangelization. The university contributes to the socioeconomic development of its surroundings through a growing number of investigative activities which it generates and transfers to businesses, and relies on its own plan of investigation. UCAM is the first university in Spain to promote a programme of Industrial Doctorates, an initiative which allows regional businesses to welcome researchers to help in the development of strategic projects.

The University of Sports

The UCAM carries out important work with regards to sponsorship and support of elite athletes. The institution is a pioneer in the international panorama of university sports, and has driven forward an Anglo-Saxon model of the sports teaching and practice, and conciliation between sports and study. Examples of this are swimmer Mireia Belmonte or the athlete Miguel Ángel López.


UCAM´s Campus incorporates the latest innovative facilities such as “Mac Hall”, a food laboratory, simulation room, criminology laboratory, law theatre, robotics theatre, anatomy hall, dissection hall, UCAM Sports Centre, a modern library, etc.

In addition the University has its own Upper Language School and is a registered examination centre for the IELTS title, as well as a recognised preparation and examination center of titles offered by theUniversity of Cambridge (Pet/First) and the DELE.


It is worth highlighting UCAM´s dedication to internationalization, both through its Exchange programmes with other universities, as well as its welcoming of foreign students. The university is continually expanding, both on a national and global scale. Beijing and Manila are the latest locations where UCAM has set up offices for the development of further institutional relations and marketing, and which join the already established offices in Jakarta, Dubai and Singapore.

Pool of Talent

The Technological Institute of Murcia has for the first time, made available a “Pool of Talent” at the disposal of companies in order to meet their requirements. In addition, the initiatives put in place by the ITM for the next few months include meetings with businessmen and entrepreneurs, and the inauguration of the Second Edition of Entrepreneurial Initiatives organized collaboratively with the EOI.

Campus of Cartagena

One of the most important headlines of this new academic year is the opening of the new campus in the port city of Cartagena, offering degrees such as Pre-School Education, Law (with two main streams: Business Law and Real Estate Law), Nursing, Primary Education- with 6 official options: Special Needs Education, English, Hearing & Language, Physical Education; Music or DECA, CAFD – consisting of the following official options: Sporting Entertainment, Sport and Recreation Management, Physical/Sporting Education, Physical/Sporting Re-Education, Sailing & Organization of Regattas, not to mention the number of courses offered online and the Masters of Access to Law.

Double degree in Professional Formation

The Jeronimos Campus is also the headquarters of the “San Antonio Institute for Higher Professional Formation of San Antonio”. One of the features of this Institute is that it allows students to gain a double qualification, as on completion of the studies of Professional Formation, the student gains both an official title from the Ministry of Education, as UCAM´s corresponding own title. Thus the student will have the opportunity not only to take part in an Erasmus course in the last year of his/her studies, but also to carry out an internship abroad once all relevant studies have been completed. The only condition is a 12 month lapse of time between these two periods.

Courses offered at the San Antonio Institute for Higher Professional Formation

- Técnico Superior en Realización de Audiovisuales y Espectáculos (Audiovisual & Performance) + Técnico Superior Universitario en Comunicación Audiovisual (Audiovisual Communication)

- Técnico Superior en Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web (Development of Web Applications) + Técnico Superior Universitario en Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos (I.T Engineering)

- Técnico Superior en Animación de Actividades Físicas y Deportivas (Animation of Physical and Sporting Activities) + Técnico Superior Universitario en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte (Science of Sporting and Physical Activity)

- Técnico Superior en Dietética + Técnico Superior Universitario en Nutrición Humana y Dietética (Human Nutrition and Diet)

- Técnico Superior en Educación Infantil +Técnico Superior Universitario en Educación Infantil. (Pre-School Education)

- Técnico Superior en Comercio Internacional (Bilingüe) (Bilingual International Commerce)+ Técnico Superior Universitario en Administración y Dirección de Empresas. (Business Administration and Management)

- Técnico Superior en Marketing y Publicidad (bilingüe) (Marketing and Advertisement – bilingual) + Técnico Superior Universitario en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas. (Advertising and Public Relations)

- Técnico Superior en Administración y Finanzas (bilingüe) (Administration and Finance- bilingual) + Técnico Superior Universitario en Administración y Dirección de Empresas (Business Administration and Management)