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Nearly 40 social organisations participate in the 6th UCAM Volunteering Exhibition in Cartagena

María Dolores García, president of the Universidad Católica San Antonio, inaugurated it this morning in the new Plaza Mayor del Puerto.

Nearly 40 social organisations participate in the 6th UCAM Volunteering Exhibition in Cartagena
Opening of the 6th Cartagena Volunteering Exhibition

María Dolores García, UCAM president, and Noelia Arroyo, mayor of Cartagena, opened the 6th Exhibition of Volunteering of Universidad Católica, which will be open until Wednesday at 2pm in the new Plaza Mayor del Puerto this morning. The event brings together organisations from different fields such as health, education, social and charitable work, social cooperation, etc. The aim of this activity is to promote and disseminate the work carried out by these entities, highlighting the contribution and commitment of the volunteers who participate in them, all of which is organised by the UCAM John Paul II International Institute of Charity and Volunteerism.


Visita Muestra Voluntariado Cartagena

María Dolores García highlighted the commitment of these institutions to serving the most disadvantaged. ‘UCAM supports many volunteer institutions, both from the Church and other NGOs, which are giving their all and helping in different areas. This exhibition is an opportunity to shed light on them. UCAM supports them through events such as this one, with financial contributions, through student volunteer work, and by developing research with the aim of finding a cure to diseases.’ 


‘This exhibition is an opportunity to make them more visible.’


The figure of José Luis Mendoza, UCAM founder, was prominent at the opening. Noelia Arroyo stressed that the academic institution he created is ‘an example of what commitment and volunteering means in our city, having always led by example, cooperating with all the social entities, which, without doubt, make up the largest and most important network we have in Cartagena to develop all our projects.’


This UCAM Volunteering Exhibition will be followed by the celebration of the Health and Sports Fair, which is also organised by the Universidad Católica in Cartagena, and which will be held this Thursday and Friday, in the new Plaza Mayor del Puerto.