Nearly 40 Asian students celebrated the Lunar New Year at UCAM

Students from the Philippines, Vietnam and China shared tables and their traditional foods to celebrate and welcome the year of Monkey following the Lunar Calendar.

10 February 2016

International students


These students are currently pursuing their graduate degrees from different programs namely Master of European Union Studies and Human Rights, Master of Business Administration, Master in Innovation and Tourism Marketing, MBA Sports Management and 9 month Spanish course.  They celebrated the New Year by bringing food they cooked at home and share it to their fellow Asian students.

To create camarederie between nations, the party wasnot exclusive for Asian students but rather open for anyone to join. Some international students coming from different continents tasted the cuisine and share the Asian culture with them. 

This was not  only an  opportunity to try native cuisines , but also a chance  for  students  to participate in a traditional Chinese New Year activity, gift giving. 

This kind of celebration helps the Asian students ease the feeling of being homesick. Nearly 40 students joined the celebration to celebrate the new year, new friendship and happiness.