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Nearly 100 companies take part in the Conference on CSR and Industry 4.0

During the event, the results of the European project CS RIN 4.0, research focused on the adaptation of employment to new technologies, were presented

The Los Jerónimos Campus hosted the "International Conference on CSR and Industry"

organised by the Chair of Social Responsibility of the Universidad Católica de Murcia,

which highlighted the value of the business-university union to promote transfer results

applicable to society. The results of the European project CS Rin 4.0, a research project co-

funded by the European Commission, which addresses the digital transformation of

companies and its impact on employment, were presented. The event was attended by

representatives of nearly 100 companies from the region of Murcia and neighbouring


José Luis Mendoza García, Director of Institutional Relations at UCAM, opened the

conference, highlighting the importance of Industry 4.0 trends and opportunities for

companies in the region and emphasised that "it is important for the University to hold

these events, in which we exchange ideas with companies and learn about their needs, in

order to be able to research and continue to implement joint projects". Estrella Núñez,

vice-rector of Research, highlighted the benefits of the collaborations between SMEs and

the university "helping them to grow in R&D, knowledge and internationalisation", and

Tono Pascual del Riquelme, general director of Self-employed workers, Labour and Social

Economy of the CARM (Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia), pointed out

that "any CSR action of this kind is extremely important for the transfer of knowledge to


Víctor Meseguer, principal investigator at UCAM of the European project CS RIN 4.0,

presented the results of this study, stating that ‘it has allowed us to address the

adaptation of workers to these new scenarios from the CSR perspective. At this point,

training and qualification must be a priority in order to be able to convert manual jobs into

skilled jobs, capable of adding value
. The document shows positive results such as the fact

that 90% of medium and large Spanish companies have implemented some kind of

Corporate Social Responsibility measure. 

Samuel Mendoza, UCAM's Director of Digital Development and Infrastructure, closed the

event by stressing that ‘at UCAM we are constantly working on different lines of digital

transformation, such as Smartworking, Smartlearning, Smartcampus and sensorisation of

infrastructures’. He also stated that, from the perspective of Christian humanism, ‘CSR

puts a human face on digital transformation’, recalling ‘the enormous responsibility that

the word Catholic, in our university’s name, implies’. 

Representatives of leading companies participated in the conference, and the Agringenia-

Nutripeople Chair of Circular Economy and the UCAM Chair of CSR presented the "Circular

Economy Consulting" awards to AgroDolores, UNISA, and Moyca.