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The National Police explains their work when facing new crimes to UCAM Criminology students

During the 'Criminal News Day', representatives of the National Police reviewed investigations into gambling, ways of detecting false documents, how they act in the event of missing persons and offered advice in the event of critical incidents.

Javier Morote, superintendent of the National Police Force and head of the

Provincial Public Safety Brigade of the Region of Murcia, highlighted that it

is essential to address issues that are very much in vogue, such as human

trafficking (the exploitation of the 21st century), the regulations on gambling

and possible crimes related to this activity, what procedure is followed when a

person disappears, etc. at the inauguration of the conference, organised by

the UCAM Bachelor's Degree in Criminology

In the area of public safety, the participants reviewed how to act in the event

of critical incidents, such as a level 4 terrorist alert, because ‘although this

type of incident has not occurred in Spain for some time, it can happen,

and you have to know what to do, how to guarantee security in such a

,’ Morote pointed out.

Javier Morote, head of the Murcia Provincial Public Security Brigade; José María Caballero Salinas, Vice-Dean of the UCAM Degree in Criminology, and Piedad Párraga Torres, Inspector of the National Police Force at the opening of the event.

For his part, José María Caballero Salinas, vice-dean of the UCAM

Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, explained that the aim of this event is for

the National Police Force to present the different competencies in which it

participates and how it adapts its work to the demands of society ‘as crime

develops and manifests itself, adapting to these social needs’. In addition, ‘the

aim is to bring their activity closer to the teaching area
, so that Criminology

students can get to know a field in which they could work professionally’.