The multinational NVIDIA recognizes UCAM as Research Centre in graphic processors

30 September 2015

Through the research group BIOHPC (Bioinformatics and High Performance Computing), the Catholic University of Murcia has been recognized as GPU Research Centre by the multinational NVIDIA®. After the institution’s recognition as CUDA Teaching Center in 2014, the digital visualisation company keeps on supporting UCAM in its work in Computer Engineering.

Using the graphic cards produced by NVIDIA®, Dr. José M. Cecilia and his colleagues have been able to reach important advances in their work. In their research areas and using mixing computational and experimental strategies, they focus on the development, the acceleration and the use of bioinformatics applications. Thanks to this new support, they will be able to further their researches, focused on two European projects. Researching on new bioactive components in relation with new diseases, blood diseases, viral infections, functional and fungicide foods, the Dr. Cecilia will benefit from the most innovative material of the field to develop new applicable solutions to real problems and also to teach these tools to the general audience.

“We are currently facing a revolution in the field of supercomputing, where new methods develop a important role in overcoming the challenges of the next century. The search for new medicines to cure new diseases or in the prevention of side effects of climate changes are just a few examples that require high computing to be solved” declares Dr. Cecilia.

Indeed, UCAM’s research group is involved in the project “Discovery of Novel Blood anticoagulant “, collaborating with the University of Iceland and the University of Alicante, to use the two technologies of NVIDIA®, GPUs y CUDRA® in order to encourage the search for bioactive components. They also work on another project, called TETRACOM, co-financed by the European Union, along which they are willing to commercialize molecular simulation technologies developed by the group, through the Spanish company Al Talentum.

This award recnogizes the innovation and determination of UCAM to further the massive parallel calculus methods in scientific research.