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The most advanced technology at the service of comprehensive training

In its campuses of Murcia and Cartagena, it offers top-level training, accredited by international bodies

At UCAM, students receive a comprehensive and personalised training. Monday, 07/06/2021 - 10:00
At UCAM, students receive a comprehensive and personalised training.

UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia is characterised by the fact of providing high-quality teaching, tutoring assistance, training in values in the light of Christian humanism, research excellence and support from the basis, which allows the students to complete their studies in a comprehensive way, acquiring professional and personal competences in order to access the labour world with the best possible conditions. 

Researching for society

With the aim of offering top quality higher education, UCAM has made a strong commitment to research, which led it, throughout the last years, to become an international reference point in the different areas of knowledge. UCAM gives to the students the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects as internal students or through scholarships for collaboration or initiation to research. 

International Campus

Its Murcia and Cartagena campuses are international centres of attention, with students of more than 100 nationalities from five continents. Furthermore, it is the University of the Region, and one of the leading universities in Spain, that provides the highest number of degrees in English, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Latest generation digital screens in its classrooms

UCAM has acquired around 300 latest generation digital screens that are going to modify the way in which university teaching is done. These panels allow a compete interconnection between the teacher and the students, thus multiplying the possibilities of collaborative work, of accessing to a wide range of multimedia resources, or of carrying out videoconferences with experts and posing real-time surveys that students can answer from their own mobile phones. The interactions are reflected in real time and with no interruptions thanks to the use of a latest generation Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, with its User Experience Unit, the university is creating its own content to maximise the potential of the most advanced technological tools. Some examples of this are a sailing class by the Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activities and Sports Sciences (CAFD), a class on the coronavirus in Medicine or the presentation of a patent in Dentistry.

Pizarras aulas UCAM

These panels allow the interconnection between teacher and students, both face-to-face and online

Tenth position in Europe for teaching quality

The educative work of UCAM is recognised by many international rankings, which endorse the quality of its training and the teaching methodology applied. UCAM holds the tenth position in Europe for teaching quality, as specified by the last report of THE Europe Teaching Rankings, of the prestigious Times Higher Education, which highlights the student-teacher interaction of this institution, its collaborative training and its preparation for integration in the labour market.

Likewise, the excellence of its teaching model has been certified with four out of five stars by the QS Stars Rating, of the accredited Quacquarelli Symonds, specialised in the analysis of higher education institutions from all over the world, which also rates it highly in terms of employability, internationalisation and social responsibility and inclusiveness.

Teaching with tutoring and high employability, identifying traits of UCAM

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio develops an educative model based on small group training, personalised attention and a personal tutoring system that allow an actual teacher/student relation and the continuous assessment of the performance. This made it one of the universities with the lowest dropout rate, according to the IUNE observatory, which also highlights the high level of employability of its students. 


The graduates of UCAM highlight the high numbers of internships they carry out during their training, both within the university facilities or through external and extracurricular internships. The institution has many agreements with the business fabric to complete the training of its students and facilitate their inclusion in the labour market. 

Leaders in simulation

Fully equipped facilities are available for the students, such as laboratories for food, criminology, robotics and construction, the tribunal room, radio and a television studios, etc. To this, we must add its sports centre, the UCAM Dental Clinic or its University Podiatry Service. UCAM has been the first in Spain to implement the most-advanced clinical simulation as an essential part of the training of its Health Sciences students. In this field, the incorporation of latest generation devices, such as the anatomic digital table, the ‘Body Interact’ clinical reasoning table, Sectra, etc., has been extremely important.