More than 60 entrepreneurs approach new managerial skills

Agile methodologies, tools, and risk analysis are some of the issues addressed in this four-week training cycle.


12 April 2016

During the presentation of the program


Young entrepreneurs and executives in the region of Murcia have started a high-performance training cycle  for advanced management and project management at UCAM. The program, promoted by the ITM Institute of the University Technology, aims to introduce the keys, tools and basic concepts of project management in order to understand the flow of processes that interact throughout the life cycle.

During these four weeks, under the instruction of 'project management' experts from EDAP School of Management and Project Management, participants will discover the rules, agile methodologies and viable standards for analysis and identification of risks as well as for the administration and management projects, prioritizing and selecting elements that fit the strategy of the organization, depending on their life cycle and economic value.

Sofia Fernandez, executive director of ITM, has highlighted "the need for continuous training to improve the quality of performance of the functions of work " and encourages participants to enhance their development and professional growth. Meanwhile, Sergio Herrera, managing partner of EDAP, has referred to the interest from organizations for  'project management' skills  ensuring and points out that “companies and institutions are more demanding this managerial skills”.