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The meteoric career of Mladen Mihajlovic, a former UCAM Spanish Sports University student

Mladen raising the cup.
Mladen raising the cup.

Mladen Mihajlovic (@mmladen85) took his first steps as a basketball player in his native Serbia, where he met his passion for sports and, specifically, for strength and conditioning training. 

After finishing his degree in Sports Science at the University of Belgrade, Mladen started his professional career in different professional clubs, such as the Spartak Moscow youth women's basketball team and different national teams. 

From there, he made the leap to Germany, where he joined Bayern Munich Basketball Club as a strength and conditioning coach, with whom he managed to become German Cup champion. In 2019, Mihajlovic signed with Virtus Bologna, with whom he was Italian League and FIBA Champions League champion. Finally, in 2021, he joined Fenerbahçe Beko, with whom he became champion of the Basketball Super League. During all these years, he has also served with the Serbian Basketball Federation within its coaching staff, being runner-up during the 2014 Basketball World Cup, the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and the 2017 EuroBasket. 

He is currently in China, waiting to start his new adventure as Performance Director with the Chinese Basketball Association. 

While Mladen was working to reach the professional level and take his teams to the highest performance, he relied on UCAM Spanish Sports University to study for his Master's Degree in High Performance Sports: Strength and Physical Conditioning. During his studies, he was able to learn about the main trends in research that are making a difference in high-level competitive sport. All the knowledge acquired during the program helps him in his day-to-day work to improve the performance of his athletes, as well as to base the methodologies to be applied by the technical team on a scientific and validated basis. 

If you are interested in learning more about Mihajlovic's Master's studies, you can find the website through this link