Learning Spanish by learning the real life in Murcia, Spain

05 November 2015

Ms. Marta and Gloria – teachers of Spanish course - proved the result of this teaching method during the outside class held on the 22nd of October. This lesson brought students to a Murcia city tour for only 2€ each one.

Historical, cultural and also daily-life destinations of Murcia were all on the list, including: the Cathedral of Murcia, the Bell Tower, the 100-year-old university and the Thursday market, respectively.  “We hold many outdoor trips for our students every year but this is the first time they have the chance to go inside the Bell Tower, provided the history by a tour guide, see the ancient documents and papers and witness the moment all bells ring on the top of the Bell Tower”, explained Ms. Marta.

Thus, students have opportunities to touch every angle of the city they live in, open all senses to absorb the knowledge, beside learning the theory in their class.