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UCAM is working on to include the use of virtual reality glasses in ultrasound scan training - with Microsoft HoloLens

06 May 2019

UCAM is working on to include the use of virtual reality glasses in ultrasound scan training - with Microsoft HoloLens


Clinical simulation is a powerful learning tool to form and train the students in the Faculty of Health Sciences in a practical, complete way. With this tools, they are faced with simulated clinical processes that are very similar with what they will encounter in the professional world. The Catholic University of Murcia has been supporting this technology for more than ten years, and in the beginning started an entire unit equipped with simulation rooms -the student completes exercises with a high range simulator -, control room -where the professor controls the symptoms of the patient- and a Debriefing room -the students get to know the cases to handle-. To this, is added the ‘Body Interact’ clinical thinking chart (Video in Spanish), which is a tool where the students starts their clinical thinking itinerary to later continue with the advanced patient simulator, and clinical practice.

The professors from the Simulation and Clinical Capacities of the University have been innovating for years, creating clinical cases with this applicative. The students have also available a Digital Anatomy Table or the Pharmacy Room , furthermore from the installations particularly from the Faculty of Health Sciences, such as the dissection room, physiotherapy room, the one from Occupational Therapy or the podology and odontology clinics. This way, there are simulators for very advanced practices to learn cardiac and pulmonary control, and the ecography simulator with a lot of potential VIMEDIX, implanted in the training of augmented reality.

International recognition

The university institution has received many international recognitions for the use of the simulation tools. One of them was the award ‘Best in Show’ in the Annual International Reunion on Health Simulation, given for the clinical thinking chart.

Birth simulator

The installations of obstetric care simulations of the university are among the most advanced in the country -such as the pregnancy simulator CAE Lucina, which has a physiological model on both the mother and the baby-. Therefore, many healthcare professionals assist Campus of Los Jerónimos to get formation and actualization on their knowledge in obstetrics and gynecology.

Degrees that take advance of clinical simulation

  • Physiotherapy
  • Medicine
  • Odontology (Dentistry)
  • Podology
  • Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy

Some of the installations where the students are trained:

The birth simulator is one of the few in Europe

In the simulation unit, the students learn how to face different kind of situations

The awarded clinical thinking chart

Complete Pharmacy Classroom in the Campus of Murcia