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The latest Industrial Barometer, promoted by UCAM, shows the need to boost this sector in Spain

The document compiles the opinion of 3,500 Spanish industrial engineers. Said professionals are more optimistic than last year, although the lack of raw material supply and increases in inflation and energy prices are causing uncertainty.

V Industrial Barometer of COGITI
V Industrial Barometer of COGITI

The Cátedra Internacional COGITI de Ingeniería y Política Industrial (COGITI International Chair of Engineering and Industrial Policy) of the Universidad Católica de Murcia and the Consejo General de la Ingeniería Técnica Industrial de España (General Council of Industrial Technical Engineering of Spain) have presented the V Barómetro Industrial del COGITI (V COGITI Industrial Barometer), corresponding to 2021. The report 'Una perspectiva económica de la situación de la industria en España: actualización 2021' (An economic perspective of the situation of the industry in Spain: 2021 update), by the Consejo General de Economistas (General Council of Economists), has been included.    


The event was attended by José Antonio Galdón, president of COGITI and director of the UCAM Chair; César Nicolás, executive director of the UCAM Instituto Tecnológico de Murcia (Technological Institute of UCAM); Mónica Ramírez, coordinator of the Barometer; Valentín Pich, president of the General Council of Economists; and Salvador Marín, coordinator of the report.


Galdón stresses that the outlook of industrial technical engineers towards the sector has improved, but that there are different variables that cause uncertainty, such as "the lack of raw material supply, product inflation and high energy prices".


The percentage of industrial GDP in the Region does not reach the target set by the EU either  


The report also contains data on the Community of Murcia. César Nicolás, executive director of the UCAM's ITM, points out that the region's industrial technical engineers are also concerned about the tardiness with which European recovery funds are being received, as well as the increase in energy costs and disruptions in the supply chain, which leads to difficulties when it comes to acquiring supplies. Regarding the size of the industrial GDP in the Region of Murcia, the report highlights that after the period of growth from 2009 to 2018, "the data now shows stagnation, which leads to this index being at 13%, a figure very close to the national average, but far from the target of 20% set by the EU for 2021".




- This sector has lost ground in the Spanish economy, from 18.7% of GDP in 2000 to 14.7% in 2020; far from the 20% forecast by Horizon 2030.

- 74% of industrial engineers believe that they will keep their current job and 50.7% believe that the economic development of their company will be good or very good.



- Almost half of the surveyed (41.9%) rate the current situation of the national economy as bad, although their perception has improved with respect to the previous year.

- 62% of registered engineers say that they have experienced shortages of certain products or raw materials.  



- Engineers believe that the Recovery Funds will have a positive effect on the sector, however, 74% believe that they will not reach industrial SMEs adequately.

- 56.9% believe that the increase in energy prices is significantly affecting their business.


FULL REPORT:  V Barómetro Industrial del COGITI