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‘José Luis Mendoza always fought for equality’

The International Chair in Women, Business and Sports highlighted the figure of the UCAM founder for his commitment to genuine equality of opportunities between men and women

‘José Luis Mendoza always fought for equality’
Group photo before the start of the event in the Temple of the Monastery of Los Jerónimos

More than three hundred people, including students and employees, attended the 'UCAM, bulwark of equality' event, promoted by the International Chair in 'Women, Business and Sport' which paid tribute to the figure of José Luis Mendoza Pérez, UCAM founder. The event was a tribute to José Luis Mendoza Pérez, founder of Universidad Católica de Murcia, for his work in favour of equality. María Dolores García, UCAM president, presided over the ceremony, together with Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic CommitteeMaría Jesús Bonilla, the Chair director; and Josefina García, the university rector.  

An essential aspect of the work being carried out at UCAM, in the words of its president, is the fact that ‘being a man or a woman has never been important when it comes to being given responsibility. We only consider the worth of individuals and their ability to carry out a mission. This is evidenced by the fact that there are many women and men in important positions, conforming an excellent team which carries all the activities of the University on its shoulders.’

Along these lines, María Jesús Bonilla recalled that ‘it was José Luis Mendoza who promoted the International Chair in Women, Business and Sports, because he always believed in equal opportunities, just like our current president.’ She added that ‘the Chair will continue to promote training and policies which are committed to people and equality.’  

One area in which a lot of work has been done in this sense is sports, and Alejandro Blanco wanted to emphasise that ‘the path has been laid out and we must try to get more and more people to follow it. If we look back at social life ten years ago it has nothing to do with today, and in ten years' time we will see that we have moved on further. José Luis Mendoza fought hard for equality; UCAM and the COE are an example. It is impossible to think of building a better, more social world in which we feel respect for others without the concept of equality.’  

During the event, a manifesto was read by María Dolores Bolarín, coordinator of the Chair, and two students from the University, highlighting the goals which have been achieved in the search for full equality and setting more immediate objectives, such as everything related to new technologies. Luci Pascua, UCAM Murcia Urdecon basketball player, as well as a Spanish National Team one, with which she won an Olympic silver medal, and professor in the Psychology Degree of the Universidad Católica, talked about her experience as a professional player. She also highlighted the work of UCAM and the COE in promoting the training of all athletes as an action which promotes real equality between men and women.