"Innovation is not an option, it is an obligation."

30 January 2017

Estrella Núñez next to Maria del Mar Pintado during the inauguration of the Day


UCAM has celebrated the IV Conference on Teaching Innovation, focused on its relationship with research.

If in its beginnings, innovation seemed to be linked to the business sector, the university has been accepting this term for the purpose of improving its teaching and adapting its training to the needs demanded by society. Aware of this, the research group 'Processes and Educational Contexts' of the Catholic University of Murcia, celebrates today a Day of Teaching Innovation, which in its fourth edition, will focus on the binomial innovation and research in the university.
Estrella Núñez, Vice Chancellor of Research at UCAM, said from the institution that, "we understand that innovation is not an option, but an obligation; And if we talk about innovation in education, it also means that we are adapting to the times, where everything evolves and education cannot be anchored in the past. "
For her part, Maria del Mar Pintado, vice-dean of the degrees in Early Childhood and Primary Education of the University, has acknowledged that currently, university students do not need a repetitive knowledge, but must know how to adapt to the needs that arise in their daily practice.
This Day comes from the Research Group of the UCAM 'Educational processes and contexts, linked to the levels of Early Childhood and Primary Education. One of the organizers, Juan José González, emphasized that innovation arises from a need for improvement, "and the trend is to incorporate new technologies and tools", and the student's participation in a more active way.