A group of UCAM students graduated in the MBA program in Uganda

The first edition from the UCAM certified MBA program graduated in the beginning of this month in the city of Kampala, Uganda. 

19 December 2018

A moment from the graduation ceremony


The Catholic University of Murcia held a graduation ceremony in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, where an UCAM certificated MBA program is held. The Spanish university has an agreement of collaboration with an university called ISBAT, located right in Kampala. Thanks to this agreement, in the program held by the two universities, the students can achieve a double title at the International Business, Science And Technology University (ISBAT). This double title means, that the students will be able to receive at the same time their university title from the Ugandan university, as well as an UCAM title from Spain.

The graduation at the beginning of december is the first edition of this study plan to graduate. From behalf of the Catholic University of Murcia, in the graduation ceremony took part the dean of the Faculty of Legal and Business Sciences, Gonzalo Wandosell, as well as Pablo Blesa, vice-rectorate of International Relations and Communication. From behalf of ISBAT, Sudhindra Bhat, the vice-chancellor, participated in this ceremony.