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Launched by DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation & UCAM University of Murcia – Spain

First Ever College with Master’s Program in Sustainable Humanitarian Actions

Admissions Open For DIHAD Humanitarian College, 30 Scholarships Available.

Launched by DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation & UCAM University of Murcia – Spain
Launched by DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation & UCAM University of Murcia – Spain

The first-ever college to offer an international humanitarian master’s degree program in Sustainable Humanitarian Actions has officially opened its admissions office and is now offering an incredible 30 fully sponsored scholarships to eligible candidates who have a passion for humanitarian efforts on a global scale.

DIHAD Humanitarian College, which was launched through a cooperative agreement between the DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation and UCAM University, Murcia – Spain, is set to open its doors this fall during the month of October and students will undertake various humanitarian-related classes and activities that accumulate 60ECTS (European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System) through one continuous academic year. The master’s degree program will also include involvement in a practical internship with a dedicated partner through the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition – DIHAD.

More than 274 million people are currently in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, the highest number ever recorded, and an overwhelming 16% of the world’s population, more than one billion people, are currently living in countries with protracted crises. Accumulated with an ever-growing landscape of unknown discoveries and complicated political boundaries, the knowledge and experience of a humanitarian official must excel for true change to impact a societies’ dynamic for self-sustainability. Innovative solutions are needed as these issues have become increasingly complex.

Sustainable Economy, Humanitarian Leadership, and Humanitarian Future and Foresight are some of the main discussions and keynote subjects to be included in DIHAD’s master’s degree program, where an understanding is made that knowledge in international affairs and projects filled with innovation are some of the most strategic parts to a humanitarian mission’s success. For an international humanitarian emissary looking to fine-tune his profession, whether private or public, they must engage in continuous learning and development to match the vastly changing economics and geographical difficulties that one may face on their mission. The master’s program also focuses on essential subjects in diplomacy and soft power engagement while covering matters in strategic management for safe and responsible action.

H.E. Amb. Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Chairman of DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation, commented on the importance of helping those who desire to reach humanitarian excellence through support and opportunity. H.E. stated: “We are excited about the opening of DIHAD Humanitarian College and the promise it holds to bring excellence to the humanitarian sector. Our intention is to help further develop the minds and character of the humanitarian professional, and through this new master’s program, students will be motivated to push the limits of conventional thinking and action when dealing with humanitarian issues and crises by bringing much needed innovation to the field. By opening the admissions season with 30 fully sponsored scholarships, we intend on supporting those who have a deep desire and passion for helping to build a better sustainable future for all of mankind.”

Eng. Khaled Al Attar, Program Director of DIHAD Humanitarian College, stated: “Being in humanitarian field for the last 10 years, I am really honored and pleased to finally have the first humanitarian master program that focuses on the sustainable humanitarian action mindset. The program will be suitable for philanthropists from different sectors to gain the futuristic skills they need like critical thinking, problem solving, future foresight, management, innovation, and other modules taught that will be like a toolbox for philanthropists to utilize them the best in their specialized humanitarian sector.”

He continued: “The program will be innovative, our faculty are pioneers in the field in addition to the extraordinary guest speakers, all those factors will play a major role in shaping the future of humanitarian action which will bring more sustainable actions and initiatives that would change the world and the future.”

José Luis Mendoza García, Director of Institutional Relations at UCAM, stated: “We believe that this is an opportunity to expand UCAM's mission in higher education with values, as it is very important to prepare professionals in the humanitarian crisis management sector. In this way, we will contribute to the cultural, social, and economic development of society while creating conditions for improving the quality of life and overall environment by developing students' abilities as individuals and members of a society they are meant to serve.”

Interested students are strongly recommended to visit the DIHAD Humanitarian College website for more information regarding the details of the curriculum for the master’s degree program in Sustainable Humanitarian Actions and a complete review of the admission requirements.

DIHAD Humanitarian College was launched by DIHAD Sustainable Humanitarian Foundation and in partnership with UCAM University, Murcia – Spain, the Waterfalls Global Initiative, the Department of Behavioral Rewards in the Ministry of Possibilities in the UAE, and INDEX Holding.