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Experts from 20 universities from all over the world call for reading habits

They did so at the 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference on Literature and Image, organised by the UCAM Faculty of Education

Moment of the Inauguration
Moment of the Inauguration

Nearly a hundred experts and researchers from twenty universities around the world took part in the Interdisciplinary Conference on Literature and Image online, organised by the UCAM Faculty of Education and its Research Group 'Literature, Culture and Modern Languages'. This 3rd edition has focused on the revision of fantasy and adventure, analysing everything from great mythological tales to classics, including sagas such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Twilight, all from the perspective of literature and the visual arts.  

José Manuel Losada, President of the International Association of Myth Criticism and Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, gave the main lecture, entitled 'Correlatos del imaginario sobrenatural: mito y fantasía' (Stories of the Imaginary Supernatural: Myth and Fantasy).    

The conference examined how artistic and cultural manifestations ‘that is, in literature, visual arts, television series and films, characters and stories are moulded and transformed over the centuries, and how these stories tell us something about the development of people within society and of society itself’, said UCAM professor José María Mesa, head of the 'Interdisciplinary Studies on Literature, Art and Society' research line and coordinator of the event, who was accompanied during the opening by Antonio José Miralles, director of said research group.

During the event, the need to encourage the reading habit was also stressed. ‘Over time, as a society, we have realised that the love of literature is something much needed, which we have to call for every day, because it is an essential process in the construction of individuals, both from an educational and psychological point of view’, said José María Mesa.