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The digital transformation of UCAM allows to train with the most advanced technologies

In the next academic year, it will improve, both on-campus and online, the work with virtual and augmented reality, as well as the high-definition streaming visualisation

The digital transformation of UCAM allows to train with the most advanced technologies
Virtual Reality has already begun to be used in some degrees such as the Bachelor Degree in Dentistry

"At UCAM we do not see the digital transformation ad an evolutionary process, but rather as a disruptive one. For this reason we have speed up, but we have not improvised, the technological-educative change by placing the student at the centre in the improvement of the user experience” explains Samuel Mendoza, director of Infrastructures and Digital Development of UCAM, as a summary of the strategy of UCAM Universidad Católica de Murcia in its commitment for the improvement of the teaching quality thanks to the new technologies.

UCAM has solid experience in the use of advanced training tools. The objective is to be a pioneer institution in the application of the new technologies and methodologies, since they bring added value to teaching. For this reason, it has already been launched a digital transformation process that allowed it to adapt in record time to the situation provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wi-Fi 6, top speed connection

At the UCAM campuses, it will be possible to download data at the fastest speed in any place within the enclosure, which will result in an increasingly fluid use of remote programmes, in the possibility to use virtual and augmented reality and in the High-Definition streaming visualisation. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of this technology and it allows to enjoy a better connection to many more devices.

Microsoft 365 and G Suite

UCAM students have already been enjoying Google applications (G Suite) and, starting from the next academic year, they will also have Microsoft 365 licences available for their devices, which will foster team work even more, since they can be used in the 'cloud’ in a collaborative way.

Renovation of 600 computers

This week, more than 600 Lenovo 'workstations' arrived at UCAM, to renovate the computer equipment of the University. These computers allow to work with the best performance and with the latest versions of all the programmes, and they can be used remotely by the students. They will be able to connect to the computer of the campus and to work as if they were at UCAM with their notebook or their tablet.


The renovation of the physical servers and their work with ‘cloud’ servers is going to allow a greater storage capacity, connection speed and simultaneous use of various devices, which will result in a better user experience for the students and workers, who will be able to use their devices at the highest speed, providing high availability and fault tolerance to avoid service breakdowns.

Health, a point of reference in clinical simulation

The degrees of the Faculty of Health Sciences already have experience in the use of the most advanced technological resources. The commitment for clinical simulation has been strengthened through the most advanced tools, with clinical reasoning tables, anatomic digital table and high-class simulators.