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Around 14,000 on-campus students of UCAM received today their lessons online

They join the 4,000 students who are already undertaking online mode studies, and the teaching day was carried out normally for all of them

Around 14,000 on-campus students of UCAM received today their lessons online
José Javier Padilla, professor of the Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, is one of the teachers who have transferred their face-to-face classes to the online format thanks to the Virtual Campus of UCAM

UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia has been working for many years in a process of digital transformation that made it possible for all the teachers, students and administrative and services personnel to carry out their teaching and professional activity online.

Given the current situation provoked by the pandemic of COVID19 Coronavirus, lessons are given online to all students since yesterday, Monday, with complete normality.

The Vice-Chancellorship for On-line Teaching carries out a permanent follow-up by monitoring the sessions, that today, Tuesday, have been 450. These lessons have a duration of various hours and they counted on the participation of an average of 29 students per each lesson; 140 is the highest number of users connected to the same lesson.

To be able to implement this virtual training, during the last years UCAM carried out the migration of all the local virtual desktops to the cloud. Likewise, the number of servers that support online teaching was doubled.

All this labour of computer engineering also allowed that, apart from teachers and students, all the administrative and services personnel could access from their homes to their desktops, as if they were physically sitting in front of their computers at the University.

This excellent result obtained with such immediacy would not have been possible, however, without the human factor. The involvement of the teaching staff has been excellent, as well as the one of all the University services. And the students’ body is responding with a great commitment.