Ana Carrasco: "Once I retire, I will still have 35 years to practice my profession"

The pilot, who studies the Degree in Law of the UCAM, states that she wants to have her university career finished when she leaves the competitions.

29 October 2018

From left to right: Antonio Sánchez Pato, dean of the Faculty of Sports; José Luis Mendoza, UCAM president; Ana Carrasco, world champion of Supersport 300; and Jaime Sánchez Vizcaíno, vice-dean of the Degree in Law.


"Ana Carrasco is a great gift for the Spanish sport. Motorcycling is a very tough sport that requires a great physical preparation and an excellent concentration". With these words, José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM presented the world champion of Supersport 300 to the media in the first meeting of Ana Carrasco with the press. Ana Carrasco made history in France to be the first woman to win a World Cup in any mixed competition of the International Motorcycling Federation.

At 21 years old, Ana Carrasco arrived at the UCAM, the university where she studies the Degree in Law, with her gold medal and the great satisfaction of having fulfilled a dream: "My goal until now was to be world champion and now that I have achieved it, I have to see what we plan for the next years. If next year, if I'm still in the same category, I'll have to defend the title and if I take a leap I'll have to take experience to win again. "

"I want to thank all those who are supporting me to achieve my goals and among them is the UCAM. My family has always made it clear to me that studies are ahead of sports and in this case the only way to do both is to be in this University" Carrasco said.

The president of the Catholic University highlighted the great work done: "The work we did has earned us the recognition of several international institutions. 'European Athletics' has awarded us for our model of helping athletes so that they can combine their studies with their sporting career and we work to transfer this model to other European universities".

Thanks to the model of the UCAM, Ana Carrasco can advance in her university career and continue training and competing. José Luis Mendoza emphasizes that this is the most important part of the work carried out with the athletes: "There is no model like ours in the whole world of support for athletes through scholarships and financial aid. The most important thing is the work we are doing through tutoring to plan the academic year with the sports year and so they can have a university degree once their sporting career is over. There are athletes like Mireia Belmonte who train eight or nine hours a day and then they have to take time out to study. Thus, little by little they are advancing in the studies. That sacrifice will be worth the pain".

Ana Carrasco knows that it is very important to have a university education when it comes time to say goodbye to the competitions: "My career, however long it may be, will not reach much beyond thirty years and I will still have to work at least 35 more years. I will make the most of my sports career to get everything I can and then I want to have my university degree and to practice my profession like any other person, although I am sure I will not disassociate myself from the sport because I also want to help younger pilots in the future so that they can to reach the World Cup".