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200 new entrepreneurs in the Region thanks to the programmes of ITM

The courses developed by the Murcia Institute of Technology (ITM) in 2019 generated more than ninety projects.

200 new entrepreneurs in the Region thanks to the programmes of ITM
Instance of a class during the Smart Factory entrepreneurship program.

The Murcia Institute of Technology (ITM) carries out numerous entrepreneurship projects aimed at improving labour insertion. Tomorrow, Monday, a new course on “Social Media and Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship” will be launched at Los Jerónimos Campus. “It is a programme in which 30 students will be able to discover the tools necessary to give value to their business unit through social networks, digital marketing and web positioning”, explains César Nicolás, director of ITM. He also highlights that this programme is open to everyone who wants to participate in it, either unemployed persons, employees or self-employed workers.

This year, various courses will be carried out that are related to the fields of health, food, innovation, digital transformation and social entrepreneurship, which aims at improving education, equality, environment and any other field related to well-being.

“We work with flexible methodologies and the programmes we implement allow to have a very precise and trustworthy idea of the viability of the project within four or five months”, explains César Nicolás.