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Bachelor´s Degree in



  •   Basic Training (BT): 60
  •  Compulsory (CO): 198
  •  External Practices (EP): 24
  •  Optional (OP): 12
  •  End of Degree Project (EDP): 6
  • Total Credits: 300


Subjects ECTS Type Semester
General Chemistry 6 Basic
Introduction to laboratory work 6 Compulsory
Fundamentals of Applied Physics 6 Basic
Organic Chemistry I 6 Compulsory
Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics and Statistics 6 Basic
Physical Chemistry 6 Compulsory
Organic Chemistry II 6 Compulsory
Fundamentals of Biology 6 Basic
Biochemistry 6 Basic
Inorganic Chemistry 6 Basic
Subjects ECTS Type Semester
Physiology I 6 Basic
Human Anatomy 6 Basic
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 6 Basic
General Microbiology 6 Compulsory
Pharmaceutical Chemistry I 6 Compulsory
Analytical Techniques 6 Compulsory
Parasitology 3 Compulsory
Microbiology and Virology 3 Compulsory
Immunology 6 Compulsory
Pharmaceutical Chemistry II 6 Compulsory
Physiology II 6 Basic
Subjects ECTS Type Semester
Physiopathology 9 Compulsory Annual
Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy 6 Compulsory
Bromatology 6 Compulsory
Botanical Pharmacy 6 Compulsory
Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics 9 Compulsory Annual
Theology 6 Compulsory
Human Nutrition 6 Compulsory
Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy 6 Compulsory
Pharmaceutical technology I 6 Compulsory
Subjects ECTS Type Semester
Pharmaceutical Biothecnology 6 Compulsory
Pharmaceutical technology II 6 Compulsory
Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy I 6 Compulsory
Biological Analisis and Laboratory diagnosis 6 Compulsory
Pharmaceutical care 9 Compulsory Annual
Public Health 6 Compulsory
Pharmaceutical technology III 6 Compulsory
Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy II 6 Compulsory
Scientific methodology and Information 3 Compulsory
Elective 6 Optional
Subjects ECTS Type Semester
Toxicology 6 Compulsory
Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy III 6 Compulsory
History, Legislation and Pharmaceutical Deontology 6 Compulsory
Finance and Business Management 6 Compulsory
Electives 6 Optional
Research Project 6 Final Project
Supervised Internship 24 Internship

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