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Bachelor´s Degree in



On Campus

ECTS Credits

300 ECTS


150 €/ECTS

9,000 €/per year




5 years



Why study Pharmacy with us?

  • Taught in English
  • Practical classes since the first year
  • International Students mobility in Europe
  • Pharmacy simulation room on Campus
  • Direct access to PhD programs
  • Spanish Language Courses

UCAM Experience

"This is a very complete degree. It has a theoretical part and a very large practical part. We develop it in UCAM laboratories, and we have also visited other laboratories and have done practice in hospitals".

Roque Roldán, student of Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy


Student Profile

The Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy offers a multidisciplinary education to future pharmacists. It responds to society’s demands and it is well integrated into the public health system. A good pharmaceutical professional can improve a patient’s quality of life considerably, not only through pharmaceutical attention and monitoring, but also in the areas of public health. The role of a pharmacist is fundamental to guaranteeing a rational use of medicines and the completion of treatments, as well as being important to achieving the sustainability of the National Health System. Students in this degree will do work experience in the university’s laboratories from the first academic year, as well as in pharmacies, companies and hospitals.

The professional practise of a pharmacist involves a high level of knowledge of medicines and a continuous and close relationship with patients. Therefore, future pharmacists should not only have the necessary knowledge but also an interest in:

  1. Science
  2. Excellent organization skills
  3. A capacity and inclination to treat and attend other people.

For students that come from other education systems, or with other diplomas, it is recommended that they have similar knowledge and capacities to those required by the high school diploma in the following subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Biology


UCAM offers different training agreements with important corporations and research centres, as part of the training in Pharmacy. While studying Pharmacy in UCAM you will have a close involvement with professional labour market.

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Career Opportunities

For pharmacists there are more than 50 professional options. Within these options, some of them are exclusive only to pharmacists: the Pharmaceutical Organization of the National Health System, Technical Direction in Distribution Warehouses, Primary Healthcare Pharmacy, specialisations via FIR (Hospital Pharmacy, Microbiology, Radiopharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy, Galenics etc.), Military Pharmacy, regular pharmacy and Technical Direction of a Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

The professional options of Pharmacy graduates are very broad within the health system. As well as the ones mentioned previously, graduates in Pharmacy can work professionally in:

  • Apothecary
  • Industrial Pharmacy (in different areas)
  • Food Industry
  • Environmental Health
  • Clinical Analysis
  • Medicine and Drug Analysis
  • Public Health
  • Public Administration (Spanish and European Medical Agencies, Food Health Agencies, Environmental Heath, Research Centers, the National Institute of Toxicology, etc.)
  • Investigation
  • Teaching


UCAM is one of the best places to study Pharmacy, since we have a pharmacy simulation room, in which you can improve your professional skills. Besides that, Pharmacy Faculty has designed a quality Study Plan. Subjects are selected for you to become a reliable professional.

This Bachelor’s Degree at UCAM is a five-year course, as it leads to the official qualification required for professional practice.

One of the benefits of a degree in pharmacy is the great employment opportunities that it provides. The students at UCAM can work in different areas like pharmacies, in the pharmaceutical industry, and in related areas such as pharmaceutical marketing, research, public or private health management, and teaching.


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