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Bachelor´s Degree inFood Sciences and Technologies


B Learning

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS


65 €/ECTS

3,900 €/Course

4,900 € No-UE




4 years



Why studying Food Sciences and Technologies with us?

  • Taught in Spanish 
  • Personalized attention to students
  • Food Lab. and a Microscopy room on Campus
  • Guaranteed internship placements
  • Spanish Language Courses

UCAM Experience

"The teachers have personal contact with us and we have modern and complete infrastructures at UCAM. The reason to study at UCAM is that this bachelor is adapted to my needs, the practical training and exams are done on weekends".

Eduardo Vázquez, Food Science and Technologies Degree student

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UCAM works for its students. They are individuals, with a name and a history. Our purpose is to contribute to the personal and professional success of everyone involved by emphasizing the University's principles.

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Student Mobility

UCAM has different training agreements in food corporations and hotel industry in order to provide professional internships in Food Science and Technology to undergraduate students during their academic years.

The students of UCAM can work in different positions available, not just in a lab or at a desk, but in tasks such as: quality control, sales, marketing, manufacturing, teaching, etc.

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Student’s Profile

The undergraduate studies in Food Science and Technologies combine the disciplines of Technical Degrees with those of Health Sciences so that students can get a multidisciplinary education, that helps them insert into the professional world as they meet the demanded profile.

Students in Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technologies should be interested in the development of technical and technological aspects of food companies. They should also have a lot of interest in the nutritional value and health nature of food. In particular, the most important issues that will be seen during the studies are:

  • Food Technology
  • Food Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Food Legislation
  • Food Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Functional Food
  • Economy and Management of Food Companies
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Biotechnology
  • Contract Catering

Career Opportunities

The degree in Food Science and Technology offers a wide range of career opportunities, particularly regarding the management, consultancy, organization and research in food industries, which are important in our Region. In addition, the graduates in Food Science and Technology will be able to work on other fields such as teaching and research in both public and private centres.

Once you have completed your studies you will be prepared to work in the following fields of work:

  • Quality management and control
  • Development and innovation of new products and processes
  • Food safety control
  • Food marketing and communication
  • Food processing
  • Community Nutrition and Public Health
  • Contract catering
  • Legal, scientific and technical advisory
  • Teaching and research

Reason to Choose

The Degree in Food Science and Technology is taught at the UCAM in a blended method with online and classroom-based learning. We are the only Spanish university in which this Bachelor's Degree is taught in a blended-learning mode; practical lessons, seminars and tutorial support sessions are organized on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings so that students can combine work and academic activity.

UCAM has chemistry and microbiology laboratories and our students will also be able to do internships in the pilot plant of the National Technology Center for Canning and Food Products (Molina de Segura). In addition, we have collaboration agreements with a wide range of national food companies and research centres on food in which our students can develop their internships. It is also important to emphasize the mobility programs in Europe and the rest of the world in which our students can participate.


We offer Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technologies with a methodology that enables you to divide your time easily between personal and academic life, so that you can set your study pace and targets. You will have professors highly compromised with your education, modern facilities and quality training. Professional development of Food Science and Technologies is wide thanks as the subjects offered in the Curriculum handle a wide variety of themes, focused on bringing you the necessary knowledge for the future.

Studying in this Food Science and Technologies degree in Spain teaches students valuable skills, such as skills in presentations and research, as well as the highly skilled job of development and manufacture of safe food.

It should be noted that the UCAM is affiliate member of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology.

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