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Virtual Campus

Attention hours

24 hours via

Contact information

Phone: (+34) 968 27 85 83 (Ext. 583)


Campus de Los Jerónimos

Avda. de los Jerónimos Nº135 30107

Guadalupe MURCIA


The Virtual Campus is a technological, pedagogical and university management platform that has been created to promote and strengthen the teaching-learning processes, both face-to-face and semi-face-to-face, through efficient support, creating an association between innovative pedagogy and advanced information technology. It also constitutes the virtual platform on which to promote and support research, thematic groups and virtual communities that link community members.


The main objective of the Virtual Campus Management is to position itself as an avant-garde educational project that responds to the challenges and opportunities of technological change, social needs and the dissemination of knowledge.


  • Management of the Virtual Campus in terms of needs detection, planning, design, pilot tests and implementation in all the degrees, masters and own degrees.
  • Resolution of student and teacher incidents, both in terms of access and process errors. Joint work with the section of teaching staff, negotiated third cycle and own degrees among others.
  • Training teachers in the use of new technologies.
  • Activation of the different academic e-learning courses.
  • Adaptation of the system to the European Convergence
  • Management of the Videoconference Rooms, planning, contact with headquarters, tests, support, etc.
  • Training to users in the operation and academic possibilities
  • Retransmission, recording, editing of classes, conferences, seminars, etc..., for subsequent publication in digital format.