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Student Information (Cartagena)

Attention hours

Mornings: 09:30am to 13:30pm

Afternoons: 17:00pm to 19:00pm

Contact information

Phone: (+34) 968 78 79 01 (Ext. 901)



Ground floor of the Presidency Building

C/ Porto Alegre, s/n 30310



To inform about the admission to our University, to promote UCAM and its studies.


  • Attention to the student
  • Attention to those interested in studying at UCAM, either by interview, phone call or email.
  • Elaboration of information documents that are used to promote the studies and activities developed at UCAM (Admission Guide, Institutional Book, Academic Report, triptychs,...).
  • Dissemination of internal and external information (postal mail, e-mail, bulletin boards, posters and electronic screens)
  • Attendance at fairs to publicize our studies and activities.
  • Telephone attention.
  • Contact with UCAM's Communication Office to disseminate relevant information in the media.
  • Service quality management.
  • Search for external information and new contacts.
  • Statistics for internal departments and external bodies.
  • Promotional visits from HEIs, ESCs and other groups.
  • Contact with internal departments and services to search for information of interest.
  • SIE web maintenance.


  • To act as an INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT CENTRE for information.
  • To promote and give a true image of UCAM.
  • To promote data analysis and knowledge of the university environment in order to maintain UCAM in the market.