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Student Information

Attention hours

Mornings: 09:00am to 13:30pm

Afternoons: 16:30pm 19:00pm

Holiday periods: 9:00am to 14:00pm

Contact information

Phone: (+34) 968 27 88 01 (Ext. 801)



Ground floor building next to the entrance of the enclosure

Avda. de los Jerónimos Nº135 30107

Guadalupe MURCIA


To inform about the admission to our University, to promote UCAM and its studies.


  • Attention to the student.
  • Attention to those interested in studying at UCAM, either by interview, phone call or email.
  • Elaboration of information documents that are used to promote the studies and activities developed at UCAM (Admission Guide, Institutional Book, Academic Report, triptychs,...).
  • Dissemination of internal and external information (postal mail, e-mail, bulletin boards, posters and electronic screens).
  • Attendance at fairs to publicize our studies and activities.
  • Telephone attention.
  • Contact with UCAM's Communication Office to disseminate relevant information in the media.
  • Service quality management.
  • Search for external information and new contacts.
  • Statistics for internal departments and external bodies.
  • Promotional visits from HEIs, ESCs and other groups.
  • Contact with internal departments and services to search for information of interest.
  • SIE web maintenance.


  • To act as an INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT CENTRE for information.
  • To promote and give a true image of UCAM.
  • To promote data analysis and knowledge of the university environment in order to maintain UCAM in the market.