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Sports Activities

Attention hours

Mornings: 09:00am to 14:00pm

Afternoons: 17:00pm  to 19:30pm.

Contact information

Phone: (+34) 968 27 88 70 (Ext. 870)



At CC La Noria Outlet

Highway A7 - Exit 571. 30830 La Ñora (Murcia).


The Sports Service contributes with its work to the final achievement of the mission and vision of San Antonio Catholic University.

The Sports Programs developed in this service are part of the image that the components of the University Community, (understood as students, faculty and workers) get from UCAM.

The Sports Service, from now on S.D., is the one that facilitates the practice of sports and represents the University in all the regional, zonal and national sports events of competitions between Universities, as well as the organization of the internal championships called Opening and President Trophies, in which a great number of students and staff participate in different sports modalities.

We put our maximum attention on the following points:

  • The needs of our clients, as well as the anticipation of demands for sports services from these groups.
  • Opinions, needs and expectations of groups outside the University who are interested in the S.D.
  • Evolution and improvements of sports services and similar departments in other universities with more years of experience.
  • Analysis of new technologies and foreseeable changes in working conditions.
  • Special attention to the needs of materials and facilities of the teachers of the C.A.F.D. degree.
  • The policy and strategy of the S.D. is aimed at the entire university community mainly; PAS, PDI and students, as well as society in general.

The S.D. has defined its vision as the achievement of the complete satisfaction of all the components of the university sports community, in order to achieve that our institution is considered the best in the national university sports field, promoting sports in the Region of Murcia, as well as offering a special service to the C.A.F.D. degree, managing materials and facilities of the latter as well as achieving facilities that allow such management.

The concept of mission is to provide the university community with correct information and manage our service efficiently, so that it can cover its sports needs. Likewise, to draw up sports management and development policies that will lead to greater promotion of sport at our University. Expanding the definition of mission:

  • To organize all the processes of sport management.
  • To represent the University in all University tournaments and competitions.
  • To manage the materials and facilities necessary for the development of the academic program of the C.A.F.D. Degree.
  • Carry out sport events: such as the "Sport Gala" which we consider a culmination of the season and a celebration of sport.
  • To manage public subsidies of a sporting nature.
  • To represent the Catholic ideal of the University in our environment.
  • To achieve through sport to collaborate in the integral formation of our students.


The Sports Service of the San Antonio Catholic University (S.D.) has as its main objective the promotion of the practice of sports by the components of the university community in general and by the students in particular.

  • In order to achieve this, the S.D. facilitates the practice of the sport that each member of the UCAM wishes to practice and, at the same time, creates the ideal conditions for them to practice new activities.
  • Secondly, the S.D. makes agreements and arrangements with different public and private entities so that all UCAM members can enjoy the best conditions in first class sports facilities.
  • Thirdly, it forms teams to take part in university and federated competitions. At the same time, it sponsors teams that it supervises so that they follow UCAM's line of work, seeking a social reflection and recognition in the media, being aware of the repercussions that sport has on our society.