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San Antonio Technologies Service

Attention hours

Mornings: 08:00am to 14:00pm

Afternoons: 16:00pm to 19:30pm

Contact information

Phone: (+34) 968 27 87 75 (Ext. 775)



San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University

Avda. de los Jerónimos Nº135 30107

Guadalupe MURCIA


San Antonio Technologies (SAT) is a spin-off from the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) that specializes in technical-scientific support to the food and food supplement industry and works especially in clinical research studies.

SAT's activity as a spin-off from the UCAM is based on the exploitation of new processes, products or services from the knowledge acquired and the results obtained at the University itself. However, SAT also carries out projects, both private and public, within the framework of agreements with other universities, technology centres and companies.

The main objective of SAT is to contribute to the development of UCAM as an institution of international importance in the field of Biotechnology, Biomedicine and clinical research, through cooperation with companies, R+D+i centres, health centres and other universities.

The basis of the SAT initiative is clinical research to provide answers to the needs of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, participating in the different stages of development, evaluation and marketing of their products.

Our strong links with UCAM's researchers and lecturers guarantee the optimum academic quality of our work, which is complemented by close collaboration with some of the most relevant scientists in Europe who collaborate on study designs and results.

San Antonio Technologies, acting as an independent company, guarantees that all the intellectual property obtained in the studies belongs exclusively to the promoter.

SAT operates according to the standards of Good Clinical Practice (ICH E6 GCP), applying them at each stage of the clinical studies to offer a professional service adapted to the needs of each client.