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Postgraduate and Own Degrees

Attention hours

Mornings: 09:00am to 14:00pm

Afternoons: 17:00pm to 19:30pm

Contact information

Phone: (+34) 968 27 87 10 (Ext. 70)



Postgraduate courses and own titles, pergola square, next to the entrance of the temple.

Avda. de los Jerónimos Nº135 30107

Guadalupe MURCIA


To give technical and administrative support to the creation, academic management and completion of postgraduate courses and degrees at the San Antonio Catholic University.


To make UCAM a point of reference in terms of continuous and postgraduate training, meeting technical needs and thus being a link between the world of work and the university graduate or professional. Likewise, to cover other training demands that arise from the human being's own need to broaden knowledge.


  • Promotion of the courses, which involves the preparation of informative diptychs, information for the web, sending postal or electronic mail, answering calls, sending faxes and dealing with organizations for the dissemination of information (city councils, companies, official schools,...)
  • Attendance at postgraduate fairs.
  • Registration, enrolment and organisation of files. Includes preparation of certificates and proof of attendance.
  • Academic management of the courses: registration of the study plan, assignment of teaching staff and minutes.
  • Management of payments, processing of invoices and returns of cancelled courses.
  • Technical support for classes: adaptation of notes for printing and for the virtual campus, audiovisual needs and other tools and organisation of events outside UCAM.
  • Processing of external teaching staff, who must be managed for travel, hotel stays, lunches, dinners and teaching materials so that we can adapt them and post them on the virtual campus.
  • Certain seminars or courses organised by UCAM are held outside of our facilities, so we have to organise the entire infrastructure for them, including room and travel management.
  • Attention to students and teachers.