08 March, 2017

Fabio Pigozzi, president of the International Federation of Sports Medicine and rector of the University of Rome Foro Italico, was in charge of... Leer más

27 February, 2017

The Vice-Rector of International Relations, Pablo Blesa, welcomed the students and stressed that "many of them come here because of the reputation of... Leer más

24 February, 2017

Each year, young people from all over the world choose to graduate or complete their studies at the Catholic University of Murcia. In recent... Leer más

23 February, 2017

The University of Riverside is considered one of the 15 best in the world and is one of the universities that make up the complex of the University... Leer más

07 February, 2017

The managers of the Asian entity seek to understand the model of UCAM to apply it and improve the performance of its teams and athletes. The... Leer más

31 January, 2017

The team led by the Spanish scientist has managed human cells to survive and integrate in pig embryos during early stages of development. These... Leer más