18 March, 2019

The Catholic University of Murcia will continue the supporting of eSports by granting José Miguel ‘Josemi’ Pascual, the content creator with almost 2... Leer más

14 March, 2019

In these 5 years, the Catholic University and Foundation INCYDE have developed 16 programs of education with which they have promote various projects... Leer más

11 March, 2019

“Promoting the shift sedentary Lifestyle towards active Ageing” - ‘LifeAge’ is a Project Erasmus+ Sport in which the participants are educators in... Leer más

05 March, 2019

2019 is an important year for Mireia Belmonte, who is focusing on the big date of World Championships in South Korea this coming summer. Last year... Leer más

04 March, 2019

The agreement contemplates cooperating for developing post-graduate formation, elaboration of research projects and developing scientific projects... Leer más

27 February, 2019

The spectacle is a hybrid between theater and a symphonic concert, José Ramón Moya and Salvador Pérez being the ones to do the stage and musical... Leer más