23 April, 2018

Scientific advances entail the transmission of results to the society, thus converting research into one of the strategic pillars for sustainable... Leer más

05 April, 2018

The UCAM Murcia CB continues to make history by qualifying for the Final Four of the Basketball Champions League. In its second consecutive year... Leer más

22 March, 2018

UCAM Sports Center UCAM Sports Center is the first gym directly managed by the Sports Activities Service of San Antonio Catholic University of... Leer más

16 March, 2018

Bachelor’s Degrees If students conclude a High School in an European or non European country, they have to submit their application through the... Leer más

14 March, 2018

Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world (about 500 million people). Spain is a doorway to Europe for geographical, political and... Leer más

05 March, 2018

By attending UCAM’s courses on-campus, students have the opportunity to live in Spain, specifically in Murcia, where international students are... Leer más